24th of June - Hiatus over! Sorry about my absence guys. I'm back though & hopefully will be blogging like usual in a few weeks. In the meantime, stay tuned for heaps of new posts, pages and more in the next few months! <3


I've finally completed my article on nutrition for swimming! It includes general nutrition advice for swimmmes, nutrition tips for training and competition, school lunch ideas, meals plans, recipes and tonnes more advice which will provide you with knowledge that can help you improve your times! You can download a .pdf version of this article by using this link: http://teenswimmer.tumblr.com/post/71504368812/a-teen-swimmers-guide-to-nutrition

Anonymous: I really enjoy your blog. It brings me back to when I was a swimmer and one thing I regret most is giving it up after 8 years. Good luck and never give up on it!

ahh thanks so much! getting these messages make my day as it makes all the effort i put into my blog feel worth it! thanks so much lovely <3

yourlocalgryffindorian: hello I used to be an all star swimmer in high school and its been a year out of school and I want to start over I feel like i'm at JV level clocking in a 35 50 yard free style do you have any suggestions to help me build back up?

i see from your blod you’re from america, as an aussie i’m not familiar with the ins and out of US competition so i’m not sure what a JV standard is i’m sorry!

however, 35 after a year off is an extremely good time! start your swimming off slow, build up the km’s and toughness of the sets. try and fit some gym work in as well if you’re serious about regaining your fitness. being a swimmer in high school, hopefully you remember how to construct a training session and this knowledge will definitely help you! best of luck!

Anonymous: Heyyy... So recently i seem to have like, hit a wall or smthng. my strokes are like all messed up and i cant seem to fix it. my coach is constantly reminding me of the technique, and i feel like im doing it; but obviously im not :( it's really frustrating cos i dont really know what to do, and even when i do "feel" the stroke, i could lose it again in the next set. argh. sry abt that rant. just, like is it a mental thing? or a phase? do swimmers normally get these????

hmm, i’d say that a more likely scenario is that your coach isn’t explaining how to change your technique well enough or in a way that you can understand him/her. maybe try a few different things like getting your coach to video you without the correction, and then with the correction or watching a team mate swim with the correction. this is will help especially if you’re more of a visual learner. alternatively, if possible, try getting out of the pool while your coach is explaining the technique and go through the motions. for example, if you need a higher elbow mimic the same movement standing up. this will help if you’re more of a kinesthetic learner. other than that, try getting your coach to change his wording when describing the new technique, as the way they’re currently explaining it clearly isn’t sinking. hope this helps!




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When someone who lost to you claims they “weren’t trying”




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A haiku about what I feel during the 200fly


pain pain pain pain pain
why why why why why why why
death death death death death

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